Creative Edge3

Creative Edge3 is a strategic-creative consultancy delivering people-focused solutions with global impact, strategy, innovation and design by transforming client inspirations and aspirations into powerful business results, featuring services that span the entire product development process and helps clients to evolve, expand and envision their businesses.The products, services, experiences and innovation strategies that we design drive business and make a meaningful difference in how people live, learn, work and play. We work with companies of all sizes and across diverse industries to create human-centered design solutions that delight customers and help companies achieve their business goals.


Illustration of an experesive art or simple to technical drawing or strokes of different styles, sometimes all three in one or combination of either two which explains elobrately and brings out the concept and insight of the product or services and demonstrates the end user. A vector or pixel component with single or multicolour usage.


Design is compelling, drawn to its efficiency, effectiveness, elegance, beauty, and often it’s cleverness and humor makes a difference and connects emotion, the problem or opportunity that motivates the search for solutions.


Graphics are lines, colours, curves or any other geometrical shapes and attributes are stored in the form of primitives, which gives the construction a dynamic nature. Expands to two dimention and three dimention.